May 14, 2007

Time Pirates Adventure

"Stop the evil genius and his time pirates from stealing history!

Take an interactive journey through the port of London from Roman times to the present day.
Complete tasks and follow the clues along the way."

I found a game called Time Pirates Adventure today and decided to let my youngest daughter play for a while. Before I knew it, three of my children (13yo, 9yo, 8yo) were surrounding the computer learning about trade in London during Roman times and Elizabethan times; shipbuilding during Medieval times; and merchant-worker relations during the 20th century. As stated above, the focus is on London from Roman times to the present day. The game doesn't have sound and is pretty simple as far as graphics go, but it must be a winner judging from my kids' interest.

You do have to register to play. You have to create a user name and password, and provide your e-mail, gender, age, country and interests. There doesn't appear to be an age limit. I used my child's age and my e-mail address. They only allow one identity per e-mail address.

I also noticed that once you log in to play, there is a teacher's area that summarizes the information in each time period.

The main website, PortCities UK, also looks quite interesting and informative. 




  1. I heard a noise like the sound of chickens in pain. It seemed to be coming from on top of the fridge.

  2. that sounds like a neat comcept for a game!