June 8, 2007

The Chicken Mummy Saga Part 5: Wrapping it Up

Our Continuing Chicken Mummy Experience...
June 2, 2007 (I lost count of the weeks, but it's been a looonng time)

I am happy to say that the Chicken Mummy Saga has officially come to an end! Today, the kids wrapped the now-mummified chickens and placed them in their sarcophagi.

This week, we used:
* 1 inexpensive plastic drop cloth
* 1/2 roll of gauze per chicken (2 total - we should have gotten more)
* fake plastic jewels to decorate the chickens
* large googly eyes for each chicken (because I'm weird and thought it would be funny)
* 1 shoe box per chicken
* spray paint

1.  We took the chicken out of the bag, wiped the salt out of the cavity and rubbed it off the outside of the chicken into a garbage can.
2.  We covered the table with a drop cloth and the kids wrapped and decorated their mummies.
3.  The kids went outside, spray-painted their shoe boxes, and let them dry.
4.  They put their chicken mummies in the boxes and....put them back on the refrigerator!

Since this has turned into such a prolonged adventure, I decided to make a separate category for it. Click on Chicken Mummy Saga to read them all (if you really want to).

Did I ever give you the link for the directions for this? Here it is: Mummy Tombs: Animal Mummy Recipes. I know you really want to try this after reading about my adventure, don't you???

I almost forgot! My loving and patient husband posted the pics of the Chicken Mummy Saga here. BTW, don't quote me, but I think it's only been 9 months, not 12.

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  1. OK I get the whole chicken mummy thing. I've considered DOING it with my kids too! I looked at all the pictures... it looks like you have beginning pictures and ending pictures, but no "Oh MOM that's SO GROSS -IT SMELLS!" pictures from the middle!? LOL I imagine the faces THEN were priceless. I've heard of others giving up on it at that stage because of the smell...