June 19, 2007

Stolen! King Cluckenhamen and His Family!

 The Chicken Chronicles

 June 19, 2007

 Stolen!King Cluckenhamen and His Family!

Archaeologists recently discovered the tomb of King Cluckenhamen and his featherless family. Armed guards were placed near the tomb to protect the valuables from theft until they could be removed to the famous Royal Chicken Gallery.

We have just been informed that a dastardly deed has taken place: The guards were ambushed; gagged, bound and blindfolded; and placed in a makeshift chicken wire prison. The tomb was ransacked and the Royal Chickens and their valuables were all stolen.

The Chicken Constables released this video from the surveillance camera in hopes of learning the identity of these fowl, feather-thieving fiends:

If you have any information about these sinister poultry pilferers, dubbed The Heinous Rooster Heisters by the police, please contact your local chicken constable immediately.

If The Heinous Rooster Heisters are reading this, it would behoove you to turn yourselves and the Royal Chicken Mummies with their valuables in without further delay. You will not be able to hide for long!


  1. I think I have some information for you. It appears I have four chickens, matching those in the video, sitting on top of my fridge. You may have them back at any time. They are quite restless and anxious to get home.

  2. 1 Pick up a book that is near to you

    2 Go to page twelve in the book

    3 Read the first two sentences and post it on your blog

    4 Also post the book title and the name of the author

    5 Tag 3 other People : )

  3. sorry for stealing the mummys, I did not know that they were that valuable.

  4. Ha ha ha,

    that video was soo funny! I am happy you told me to go to your blog.


    blog ya later!!


  5. servingtheKingofkingsMarch 30, 2008 at 7:29 PM

    Those thieves looked professional :). Have you caught them yet? I'm joining in the blog tip challenge, too. Your post is fun to read. Good job!

  6. Too funny! That's exactly what I'm talking about for the Homeschool Times Challenge.

    Abiding in the Vine!

  7. I never knew I would be getting mixed up with such a sordid bunch on this homeschool blogger outfit! Thank heavens you just happened to have those surveillance cameras at just the right place...AND at the right time! Whew! Talk about a coincidence!