August 4, 2006

Weekly Chores

This post will cover most of our weekly chores.  The day for this is currently Thursday, but that might change.  The chore lists are still works in progress.  I will be editing the chore posts and bumping them to the top as we progress.  For now, you can see my Scheduling Chores post for an explanation of how I implement our chore schedule.  I will give an updated explanation of this once I get all of the actual chores up.  Also look for my evaluations on our progress.

Weekly Chores

Bathrooms (9dd & 7dd)

  • dust top of cabinets and curtain rods

  • wash counter and sinks

  • wash outside of toilets and scrub inside

  • scrub tub

  • wash light switch covers and door handles

  • wash windows and mirrors (with mom's help)

  • shake out rugs

  • empty garbage

  • vacuum floors

  • mop floors

  • put away cleaning products

  • put everything back in bathrooms (don't forget the rugs)

Family Room (12ds)

  • straighten up (everything in its place)

  • dust with cloth (top to bottom)

  • vacuum floor, including underneath chairs and behind small bookshelf by door-wall

  • wash door-wall windows

  • wash dog beds

  • mop

Library/Hallway (10ds)

  • straighten up (everything in its place)

  • dust with cloth (top to bottom)

  • vacuum floor, moving light furniture and vacuuming underneath

  • wash front door window

  • wash light switch cover and door handle

  • shake mat (rug) outside

Bedrooms (All)

  • make beds

  • throw dirty clothes down chute

  • put clean clothes away

  • straighten up (everything in its place)

  • sweep or vacuum floor

  • wash doorknobs and light switch covers

Kitchen (Mom)

  • straighten counter (everything in its place)

  • wipe counter

  • scrub sink

  • wash window

  • wipe down inside refrigerator

  • feather dust fan

  • dust shelves

  • vacuum floor

  • mop floor


  1. Andrea,

    You so have this down girlfriend!! I am going to show this schedule to my girls, who for some reason think they were born into royalty and see how it flies (probably right over their heads!!)

    <3 Lisa

  2. You're invited to participate in "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective New School Years" to encourage new homeschoolers or those needing a pep talk for the new year!

    Just share what works in your home,,,,we're always learning from one another.

    GREAT chore list!


  3. I really like the look of your blog. It is very pretty. By the way I linked to your post on my own bloghopping post this week if you want to check it out.