August 22, 2006

Seven Habits of Highly Effective New School Years

Maureen at Trinity Prep School has invited me to contribute a post about the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective New School Years." Here are my 7:

1. Pray. Most of us probably already have our curriculum for the year, but we can't forget to pray for our children individually and for continued direction throughout the year. Don’t neglect your personal time with the Lord.

2. Prepare. Scheduling doesn't have to be rigid, but it is definitely important to have some goals in place as a guide. Daily or weekly goals help me stay on track better than far-reaching monthly or annual goals, although those are also important.

3. Progress. Don't become discouraged if you don't accomplish as much as you would like to in the first few weeks back to formal academics. Leave some time in your schedule for easing back into all of your subjects. Reevaluate periodically to assess your progress.

4. Patience. Whether you pray for it or not, you need it to homeschool! (BTW, this is not exactly my area of expertise.) I'll say no is self-explanatory.

5. Permit...real life interruptions (this doesn't mean the phone). Don't be so rigid that you are inflexible! Life happens, and life can be a great learning opportunity for your children.

6. Play...with your children. Don't get so stressed out with academics, chores, or whatever, that you forget to enjoy your children. P.S. I'm not very good at this, but I'm working on it and I realize the importance of it!

7. Plan...outside activities wisely! Pray and discuss with your spouse (if applicable) what you can feasibly afford and make time for, and then stick with it.


  1. I agree with planning outside activities wisely! It has helped us to etablish overall goals for the kids indvidual development and weed through choices for outside activities accordingly. Family time and cost certainly play as major factors too. Seems like we struggle with these decisions every year.

    Thanks for your thoughtfule contribution to this project. Great list!


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  3. that was a very cool you just make them and send them out??


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