January 30, 2007

Free Tapestry of Grace Sample!

Tapestry of Grace is offering a free trial of the first 3 weeks of Year 1 Redesigned. This is their entire Ancient Egypt "mini-unit!:" Not only do you get to use everything included for the first 3 weeks of Year 1, but they have also included all of their supplementary materials for those 3 weeks!

I started using Tapestry of Grace last year with their Year 4 plan (The Twentieth Century). I had previously been using Ambleside Online, which I really liked, but I had a hard time implementing the program the way I wanted to. It was easy for me to leave things out and feel like I was "behind." Tapestry offered me the structure that I felt I was lacking with extensive teacher's notes and easy-to use overviews and student pages, along with discussion suggestions. As a bonus, my children really like Tapestry.

We are now using Year 1 Redesigned, and I am so happy that we stuck with this curriculum. It definitely costs more than Ambleside (which is free), but I am able to obtain most of the books I need from the library, and I don't regret the money I spend.

This free trial would be a great way to get a unit of Ancient Egypt in while trying a great curriculum at the same time. In my opinion, you really have to use the program to get a good feel for it. I had a friend who lent me her materials for a week, so I was able to use it before buying it. I am so glad that Tapestry is making this sample available. Enjoy!

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January 19, 2007

The Chicken Mummy Saga Part 2

If you want to read about the beginning of this adventure, you can go here.

Our Continuing Chicken Mummy Experience...

January 19, 2007 (almost Week 19)

This week, we used:
* 1 pair of disposable gloves per person
* 1-2 paper towels per chicken
* 2 gallon Zip-Loc bags per chicken
* 1 container of salt per chicken

1.  We took the chicken out of the bag, wiped the salt out of the cavity and rubbed it off the outside of the chicken into the garbage.
2.  We put the chicken in a new bag, filled the cavity of chicken with salt, and poured the rest of the container of salt around the outside of the chicken.
3.  We zipped the bag closed, squeezing out as much air as possible, added another outer freezer bag to help keep the smell contained, and moved the salt around to evenly distribute it.
4.  We put the chickens on top of our refrigerator until next week (grimace).

The smell wasn't too bad this week, but it isn't quite gone and the chickens are still a little moist. This is our third salt change, so I'm expecting to have to do at least a couple more.

My friend told me that her chicken mummy instructions said to rub the bird with alcohol after washing it the first week. I thought that was a great idea, although it was too late for us to implement it.

To be continued...