April 4, 2009

Free One-Year Missions Unit Study

I downloaded Mission-Minded LIFE: Teaching With God's Heart for the World last fall, looked through it, was very impressed, and never used it. :-) I already had a pretty packed homeschool schedule, but I knew I would want to use this at some point. However, the book may not be available for free much longer, so I wanted to make sure I posted about it.

The curriculum is written by Ann Dunagan, a homeschooling mother of seven, author, and co-founder (with her husband, Jon) of Harvest Ministry. She blogs about being a mission-minded family at the Missions and Your Family section of the Harvest Ministry website.

Teaching With God's Heart for the World is a two-volume out-of-print book that "presents a 'whirlwind tour' of God's enduring passion for missions - all-the-way through world history and all-across-the-globe."

I cannot give this extensive curriculum full justice here. You could use this as a year-long, multi-level homeschool unit study; stick mainly with the devotionals; pick countries or sections to enhance history or geography studies; or focus specifically on the missions teachings. There are also a number of teaching tips that are valuable apart from a study of missions.

This 600-plus page book is broken up into several sections because of its size, which makes it a bit difficult to navigate. Printing out the tables of contents for each volume and marking them with the downloaded section numbers would be very helpful.

This curriculum may not be available as a free download for long, so I encourage you to take advantage of it. The download is available here. Day 1 of the Daily Lesson Plans in Volume 1 Part 3 is missing, so don't miss the link for that, which is in the description paragraph of the Volume 1 Part 3 download.

If you download this and decide to use it, I would love to hear how you are using it. I am still trying to figure that out. :-)

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