May 17, 2008

Café Chat: Generational Sin

The Internet Café started a brand new meme last week called Café Chat. This week's topic is "What is one habit, negative pattern, or sin that has been passed down your family line from generation to generation that you do not want to pass down to your own family line? What steps are you taking to make sure the habit, pattern or sin is not repeated in your own family?"

One of the generational sins that I struggle with is being critical of those closest to me. Not only is this a sin, but it is a deeply ingrained habit that I have been struggling with for years; unfortunately, my loving and patient husband can attest attest to that fact.

I try to make sure I apologize as soon as I become aware that I am being critical in a way that is not redemptive (different from constructive criticism). I still often need my husband to point this out to me. I also try to make sure I show outward affection to my husband and family, as this is not natural for me and it helps my family know that I am serious about repenting for my sin. I am quite honest in talking about my struggles with my husband and children - they are aware that I am sinning when I am being critical and that I know that I am sinning.

My biggest weapon against this generational sin is prayer. Thank you, Lord, that you are forgiving, merciful and willing to unconditionally dispense grace and love to me in this battle; and thank you for the power to break this sin in my family so that it goes no further.

"Surely His salvation is near to those who fear Him, that glory may dwell in our land. Mercy and truth have met together; righteousness and peace have kissed. Truth shall spring out of the earth, and righteousness shall look down from heaven." Psalm 85:9-11

If you would like to participate in this week's chat, go to the post for this week's topic.

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May. 17, 2008 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Maisie

I like the honesty (with your family) that you talk about. It's embarrassing to be honest about sin, but important and necessary. I guess that it would be helpful if I had my husband point out to me when I was being critical or if I was putting him down. It would probably help a lot.

May. 17, 2008 - Untitled Comment

Posted by lori@allyouhavetogive

What an honest post...thank you for sharing...Isn't it funny how when we REALIZE that those people who raised us were just people....then we can honestly look at what we don't choose to repeat....

Great post!! Thanks for chatting with us!!
In Him,

May. 18, 2008 - Untitled Comment

Posted by

Thanks for being so open, and honest sweetie.

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