March 28, 2008

Blog Tip Challenge ~ Newspaper Style

The Blog Tip Challenge of the Month at the HSB Company Porch sounds pretty fun this month. Here's the info from The HSB Company Porch Homeschool Times:

One way a blogger gets others to come to their blog is to start a weekly or monthly blog post meme (pronounced like theme). The blogger challenges their readers to post on a certain subject on their own blogs and then asks those bloggers to sign up by either leaving a comment or using the Mr. Linky at the bottom of the original post. This way other readers and bloggers can read all the posts that mention the  same topic. For instance, Thursday Thirteen, Wordless Wednesday, and Works  for me Wednesday. The list could go on and on and on! If you see a meme on a  blog you'll know it because it will direct you back to the original post. So start your own meme!
Blog Tip Challenge of the Month

Even if you don't want to start a meme you can certainly take part in them!  Remember many of the other participants will be reading your entry. Right here's a great place to start - The HSB Company Porch Homeschool Times. Write a blog post in newspaper fashion about any homeschool event or activity you have taken part in. It can be truth or fiction, the point is to have fun! Tell us how the dog ate your schoolwork or about the field trip to the pizza parlor. Don't forget to write it just like it's an article in a newspaper. Give it a catchy title like 15 Homeschoolers Caught with the Dough at Pizza Ritza!

Once your entry is posted come back to the Porch and sign up with Mr. Linky, that way everyone can read your post and you can read all the other entries!

I decided to recycle a blog post that was already written in newspaper fashion:
Stolen! King Cluckenhamen and His Family! (click to read it).

I hope you decide to participate - I'm having a lot of fun reading all of the creative news stories out there! Go here to submit your story and read others.


  1. This was a riot, not only what you did but the comments too. Did you stage that video? With the reality of those comments, I'm looking over my shoulder now for the culprits! I can't even think of how to do an article like this! I'd say that you get an A+++.



  2. Yes, we did stage the video. It was the end of a long, drawn-out series of Chicken Mummy Saga posts because it took me about 9 months to finish mummifying our chickens!