February 22, 2008

Lunar Eclipse Pics

The kids and I managed to get some pics of the eclipse Wednesday, despite the fact that the camera master didn't get home until almost 11:00 PM. He did make it in time to get some shots - good thing because I'm not very good with a tripod in the dark with cold hands! Some of mine came out okay, but I didn't have the camera tightened down properly, and I was too impatient to take everything back in the house to figure it out. So, onto the pics! Click on the thumbnails for larger sizes.

Jordan took some pictures early on in the eclipse. He posted them on his blog.

Wow! I just downloaded Nathan's photos, and they are phenomenal! He used Rob's big camera, which I'm afraid of. Here are a few of Nathan's pics (I used the large size since they are so good - if you click on the photo in Flickr, you will get a clearer image). Nathan didn't stay out very long because he was cold, so he just got some early eclipse pics:

Nathan's 1 Nathan's 10 Nathan's 14

Allyson took these early in the eclipse:

Allyson's Allyson's

These are a couple of mine:

Andrea's Andrea's

Kathryn took some, but she deleted all but one!


And last, but definitely not least, here are some of Rob's:

Rob's Rob's

Rob's Rob's Rob's

Rob got a nice progression at the end of the eclipse. All of these pictures are in the order they were taken. You can view the whole set here.


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Feb. 22, 2008 - Fantastic pictures...

Posted by proverbsmomof3

We tried to get pictures but they all just looked like a bright light. Great job.

Feb. 22, 2008 - Thank-you so much...

Posted by proverbsmomof3

for your help. I'm going to try and mess with the coding and see what happens. I appreciate your help.

Feb. 22, 2008 - Untitled Comment

Posted by blessedwith2angels

Those are great pictures of the eclipse. I love your blog design! You have such a pretty blog.

Feb. 23, 2008 - Moon Pics

Posted by barrynmissy1972

Hey- your moon pics are good! I was in church and didn't get to see the entire eclipse, but what I saw was facinating! Thank you for the compliment you left on my blog.
My camera is an Olympus SP-550 UZ.

Feb. 23, 2008 - Hello

Posted by Anonymous

Very pretty blog. Very cool pics of the eclipse. I haven't see the ones my husband tried to get that night yet, but I hope he got something as good as those. :')

Nice to meet you at the Lounge. Thanks for stopping by.

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