October 24, 2007

Sail to the New World

Tapestry of Grace is offering another free mini-unit, this time for Year 2 Redesigned. It is a colonial America unit called "Sail to the New World." As with the Ancient Egypt unit, this 3-week trial offers not only the basic curriculum, but also the "extras" for all 3 weeks, including Map Aids, Writing Aids, Evaluations, Pop Quiz (for dad), and a Lapbook sample that is coming soon.

Go here to see how this 3-week sample fits into the rest of Year 2. The sample includes weeks 20, 21 and 22.

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October 18, 2007

Old Fashioned Living Website

I was looking for a scone recipe a few weeks ago and found a great site called "Old Fashioned Living." Since then I have come across this site searching for a couple of other unrelated things - today I was looking for a butternut squash recipe. Many of you are probably already familiar with this website, but I'm sharing it just in case since I keep coming across it!

The Tea Time section alone is well worth the time to go through (and I haven't been through all of it yet). You will find recipes, ideas for themed tea parties, and even tea quotes and poems.

Other sections include Old Fashioned Holidays, The Garden Path, The Crafter's Attic, Home and Hearth, Old Fashioned Kitchen, and more.