August 20, 2007

Beans, My Morning & Rockin' Girl Blogger Award...

... in other words, this post is a babble of mishmash!

I decided to soak a big bag of pinto beans in my crockpot Saturday, so I rinsed them and stuck them in it. Kim from Large Family Logistics says to squeeze some lemon in with them during soaking, so I had Allyson pull out the last lemon - it was bad. Oh, well! I had a couple of limes, so I decided to use one of those instead. So, I check on the beans a few hours later and they are all the way to the top of the crockpot (this is just soaking, not cooking yet)! I *thought* I had soaked 2 pounds of beans in there before - guess not! I stuck half of the beans in a large pot and added more water and lime. I was sick yesterday, so I just decided to let the beans soak the rest of the day. They were cheap ones anyway, and I like to let them soak a long time. Back to the beans in a bit...

I wake up at around 3:00 this morning and can't get back to sleep, so I decide to get up at 3:30. Why not? I make myself some coffee, wash a couple of dishes and decide to rinse and cook my beans from Saturday. I get the beans rinsed and back in the crockpot and turn it on. I decide I will go ahead and rinse the beans in the pan and cook them in there rather than wait for the other beans to get done, so I get them ready and put them on to boil before turning the heat down to low. The coffee is done, so I pour myself a cup and go downstairs to start a load of laundry.

Since I'm downstairs, I decide to print out the children's ministry lesson and memory verse cards for our church's children's ministry tonight. I figure I'd better get going on my medical transcription tape since I am already at the computer, so I begin typing.... The first load of laundry is finished. I switch loads and go upstairs for a second cup of coffee. What do I smell as I'm going up the stairs? It smells like... Oh, no! It's overflowing bean juice! Total bummer! I pull the pan off the burner and look inside - the beans aren't burned and there is still a lot of water in there. Whew! I'll wait until the pan cools so I can wipe the bottom of the pan before putting it back on.

Okay, time for the second cup of java. Then back to the basement, where I decide to finish designing the postcards for our very first Back to School Bash (which my friend, Kristie, is planning) before continuing my transcription. I have Rob check and okay the postcards (he is up by now) and I print them off - all 283 of them! Hopefully, we'll have a good turnout. In the meantime, Rob brings me a third cup of java and I get back to my transcription tape.

I have to open my Internet browser to check on a med for the transcription and I notice that I have a few comments on my blog. The transcription can wait for a few while I check them. Yeah! I got the Rockin' Girl Blogger Award from my very best friend in the whole world, Kristie! I've seen this award floating around the blogosphere and I really wanted it, even though I don't think I blog enough to deserve it. Kristie gave it to me anyway! Did I tell you that you're my very best friend, Kristie? Since I'm already on HSB and I'm totally cranked with caffeine and feeling weird, I decide to blog about my morning so far. I start this blog, but I really need to get back to work. Rob needs more coffee, so I run upstairs to refill his cup. Well, since I'm there, I might as well refill mine too, right? Cup #4.

Okay, back to the transcription. I finish my tape, print it off, fax my bill, change the laundry and take the laundry basket upstairs. I think I'll leave cup #4 up there, unfinished. I'm starting to feel a little funny.

I come back down and am now finishing this blog. It's 8:00 AM. I think I'll go take my shower now so that I can stay awake. I'd better get the kids up - why are they still sleeping, anyway? Check back later for the blog award info - I have to figure out what I'm supposed to do with it and I can't think right now.



  1. The chicken mummies asked me what the commotion was about this morning. They wondered why you were up so early and they asked me not to let you have so much coffee from now on....

  2. Hello, congratulations on your award! I posted a comment with this question in it already, but realized that I actually posted it in a blog post form July (duh).. thus my question --> I really love the victorian style of your blog. How did you create yourown template this way? Did you get the tamplate from somewhere or put it together yourself, or..? thanks for anything you can tell me.

    Congrats again!

    the gabriel network @ (without the spaces :-D)