July 28, 2007

XP Math

I found a great math site called XP Math when I was going through my math bookmarks the other day. I must have found it on a day when I was in a hurry and didn't have time to go through it or I would have posted about it earlier.

XP Math includes games for Numbers & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis & Probability. The Numbers & Operations category is heavy on fractions and decimals (which I am looking for right now), but there are plenty of games that would help to review basic math facts. For math facts, it looks like most of the games work on speed.

Games are not all you will find at XP Math, though. Check the Math Forums for a Problem of the Week, General Discussion, Homework Discussion, Math Challenges and Mind Challenges.

Do you want to show your child how math relates to real life? Take him/her to the Math in Careers Database. There are three categories: The Lite Version (grades 5 and under) lists the most common jobs. Not all of the jobs are filled in yet, but clicking on a job that is complete will give you a list of math topics needed for that vocation with the option of going to a practice problem. You can also search by Math Topics. Click on a math topic and you will pull up a clickable list of the major occupations that use it. You may also search by Jobs. There is an impressive list of careers here.

XP Math also offers free downloadable math eBooks. Most of these are for Algebra and above. You may also download free technology eBooks and other eBooks. I downloaded a free SAT Prep Course eBook there.

Go to Math Videos for four free videos, including pre-algebra, basic math, math & music and Donald in Mathmagicland.

The Worksheets page includes PDF downloads of math problems for various topics. You may also download exams from the New York State Testing Program (all for grade 8) and class exams (7th and 8th grade).



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