July 11, 2007

Online Texts for TOG Y2: Fall of Rome to the Signing of the American Constitution

I have been going over the booklist for Tapestry of Grace Year 2 Redesigned, and I recognized several titles that are available online for free. TOG Year 2 covers the Fall of Rome (450 AD) to the signing of the American Constitution. These books could be helpful for you if you are studying this time period with another curriculum (or your own). Many of these books are available online through multiple sources. Go here for a previous post listing several sources for online books.

Whether or not you are using TOG Year 2, check out their extensive links, categorized by subject. They would be helpful for anyone studying this time period.

Here are the TOG Y2 books that are available online:


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Jul. 13, 2007 - Thanks!

Posted by Mimi Rothschild

Thanks so much for posting these resources! I compiled a summer reading list for homeschooling students a few weeks ago. It can be found here.

Have a great weekend!

Jul. 14, 2008 - WOW

Posted by Diane in CA

Thanks for the list of the Year 2 books available online! I am trying to do this year with a budget in mind, I am also trying to get the books for all the levels so I do not have to worry about OOP books etc for the next level up when we get there. I am doing LG, UG/D combined.

Diane in CA

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