July 12, 2006

More Top Ten Resources: Literature

Maureen at Trinity Prep School is continuing her top ten homeschooling resources lists, now by category.  This Top Ten List is Literature.  I have to admit that I didn't do much other than narration with literature until I started Tapestry of Grace in February.  Therefore, my list is going to be some of my favorite online sources for public domain books and texts.  I do want to remind you to check these sites out before sending children to them.  Some of them have thousands of books, not all of which will be appropriate for children.


Classic Reader

University of Virginia Library Electronic Text Center

The Baldwin Online Children's Literature Project

The Online Books Page

Project Gutenberg

World Wide School


The Free Library

Arthur's Classic Novels

Bonus Free Audiobook Sites
(I know I'm going over 10, but I can't help it!):



Free Classic Audiobooks


Free Christian Audiobooks

If you would like to contribute, post your top 10 online literature resources and link back to Trinity Prep School.  Make sure you post a comment there so that everyone can visit your list.


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  1. I never knew there were so many sources for free books! Do you read them online or print them?