March 12, 2010

Planning the Garden

I have been busy trying to plan my garden for this summer. There is nothing like a little spring weather for some inspiration!

I really have to order my seeds this weekend so that I can be sure I have them in time to start my indoor plants. I haven't had much success with seed starting yet, but I keep trying.

I thought I would share a few gardening sites that I like:

Vegetable Gardening Online
Econobusters shared this link in a recent newsletter. This website is full of information for beginning gardeners, including free garden plans using the square foot gardening method, garden planning worksheets to download, plant profiles, various types of gardens, and a free online garden planner. The online garden planner allows you to choose a garden size and drag vegetables and fruits to various squares. It even shows you how many vegetables to plant per square! You can design a garden using tips throughout the website, name it, and print it out.

Little House in the Suburbs
You will find the feed to this blog in my sidebar because it is one of my favorites. They have quite a few gardening tips along with a lot of free gardening printables (scroll down and look through old posts for the garden printables or just scroll through the garden category), including several square foot garden plans with instructions. The most recent printable is a free Spring Planner (instructions here).

Organic Gardening
I don't subscribe to the magazine, but I do receive Organic Gardening's e-newsletter. Their website many helpful articles.

I also have an old gardening post that has some other helpful gardening links.

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