June 4, 2009

Free Writing Webinars

Tapestry of Grace is offering a free 2-hour mini-seminar on teaching your children to write by Marcia Somerville.

I own her Writing Workshop CDs, and I found these workshops to be extremely helpful! Marcia has a baby-step way of explaining how to teach your children to write that makes you feel like you are never behind.
It looks like this webinar is the same as the Writing Workshop that I own, but it is free! You do have to register, and "seating" is limited.

Here are the links to read a summary of each session and register:

Writing Workshop I: June 15, 3:00-4:00 pm (EDT)

Session 1 Registration and Workshop Summary

Session 1 Handout (pdf)

Writing Workshop II: June 15, 8:00-9:00 pm (EDT)

Session 2 Registration and Workshop Summary

Session 2 Handout (pdf)

Click here and go to the "Workshops" tab to keep up on all of the current webinars offered by Tapestry of Grace. You will find several virtual conference workshops available:
  • "Teaching with Tapestry of Grace"
  • "Introduction to Tapestry of Grace DE (Digital Edition)"
  • "Writing Workshop I"
  • "Writing Workshop II" (free download available - Windows Media Player needed)
  • "The Nearness of God is my Good" (free download available - Windows Media Player needed)
  • "Teaching Devotional Techniques to our Kids: a Toolbox Approach"

There are several handouts available for the various workshops:
Materials Download Page

These virtual conferences will be going on throughout the summer, so be sure to check back at this link to stay updated!


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