July 7, 2008

Menu Plan Monday ~ July 7

Today is Menu Plan Monday. If you want to see others' menus for this week or post your own, head on over to orgjunkie.com.

I cooked a lot of "base" foods and put them in the freezer over the last several weeks, so I will be using these to throw together quick meals. We have commitments every night during the week, so I am very grateful to have precooked, mostly nutritious food in the freezer. I am thrilled to have found so many tasty recipes that include dried beans and whole grains; these types of foods really help keep the food expenses down and are full of nutrition, and it is definitely a plus when the family likes the food (at least a little).

These dinners are pretty frugal and healthful. I have a few favorite sites for really inexpensive recipes: Lentils and Rice (a new fav), The Family Homestead and Hillbilly Housewife.


Black Bean Burritos (I made two of these casseroles last week and we only ate one - everyone loved it), Corn


Red and Yellow Chowder, Salad


Lentil Burgers (made from frozen cooked lentils & rice), Steamed Greens, Carrots


Chili (from frozen cooked white and red beans), Salad


Leftovers, hopefully


Spaghetti (with meat sauce from the freezer), Salad


Sandwiches, something crockpotty, or something easy to throw together!

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