May 9, 2008

The Way We Socialize

This topic for this week's Heart of the Matter Online Meme is The Way We Socialize.

I decided to look up the word "socialize" before writing on this topic. Here's what my Webster's says:

so-cial-ize -- v.t. 1. to make social; make fit for life in companionship with others. 2. to make socialistic; establish or regulate according to the theories of socialism. 3. Educ. to treat as a group activity: to socialize spelling quizzes. -- v.i. 4. to associate or mingle sociably with others: to socialize with one's fellow workers.

How do we socialize? We talk and listen to our children (amazing idea, isn't it?) to teach them to interact in conversation with others. We also attempt to teach them appropriate manners (repetitively, it seems). The most important and ongoing lesson that we try to live and teach is to be aware of others' needs and be willing to serve them. That is our idea of making them "fit for life in companionship with others."

I will skip numbers 2 and 3 and move on to number 4 in the definition above. :-) Our children participate in church activities and outreaches. They also participate in sports, an art class, and other activities as they come up. They have some neighborhood friends that they play with, but I'm not sure how helpful that is with number 1. :-)

Are our children perfectly socialized? Nope! We sometimes feel like we teach them the same things over and over, and they tend to be selfish (wonder where they get that from). However, as a family we are working towards preferring others above ourselves. Of course, that means that my husband and I have many lessons to learn and model.

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May. 9, 2008 - wonderful post

Posted by KerryLeighinNC

This was a great post - funny, concise, and on target.

May. 9, 2008 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous

I love this post!


May. 9, 2008 - Great post!

Posted by Anonymous

And so true!

Thanks for sharing!


May. 9, 2008 - How We Socialize

Posted by Morning Rose

I think it's so important (though often difficult) to instill service and outreach in our children by modeling it ourselves. Great thoughts!

May. 11, 2008 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Sawickis

I just wanted to stop by and say Happy Mother's Day!


May. 13, 2008 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Shari Ellen

We didn't have a priority on church and outreach until about a year ago. Now that our family is getting involved in church and projects for the community, I see how great it is for my kids.

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