May 27, 2008

Homeschool Hi-Lights: Gone Fishing!

Ellen from Fun Learning is hosting a meme called Homeschool Hi-Lights. To participate, write a post about a highlight from your past week of home learning, then go to Fun Learning's Homeschool Hi-Lights post for the week and add your post's permalink to Mr. Linky.

Our highlight last week was a fishing trip to northern Michigan with my family. We went up Friday and came home Monday (the reason for the lateness of this post). Nathan is the only one who caught a fish other than my sister's boyfriend, but it was a great time nonetheless; the weather was beautiful and it was so nice to enjoy the outdoors together. The pics of the kids are a bit blurry because Rob took them from across the pond, but I decided to share them anyway.
We had some great nature study opportunities while there. As soon as we arrived at the pond, the kids found a turtle's egg in the side of a huge pile of sand. We also saw and identified a couple of green frogs, a painted turtle, and a lot of beautiful red-winged blackbirds. All of our nature study pictures will be on my next Outdoor Hour Challenge post.

I enjoyed a personal highlight too: I checked out Anne of Green Gables from the library in audio book format, as that is our current family read-aloud and I thought it would be fun to finish it on the trip. After listening for a couple of minutes, everyone said that they like the way I read it better. I thought it was well done personally, but it was a nice, unlooked-for compliment. We did finish the audio book and everyone enjoyed it.

Have a wonderful and adventurous week of learning!

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May. 27, 2008 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Shari Ellen

That sounds like a great family outing. I’m glad that the weather cooperated. Finding a turtle egg would have been a huge hit with our family.

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