April 3, 2008

Home Education Week: Show & Tell

Today is day five of Home Education Week! Dana at Principled Discovery has set up a week of writing prompts and activities for anyone who wants to participate. The writing topic for today is "Show and Tell."



Show and Tell: Thursday, April 3
Show off those talents. Share a story, a special moment, a piece of artwork. Any accomplishment, great or small, is fair game.

I decided to share some projects from our ancient history unit last year.

Nathan wanted to try his hand at modeling a sphinx out of clay:

Nathan's model of a sphinx

Jordan made an early ancient Egyptian shield and weapon:

Jordan's early ancient Egyptian shield and weapon

Allyson made a replica of a falcon necklace:

Allyson's falcon necklace

Kathryn made a salt dough map of Egypt:

Kathryn's salt map of Egypt

I'm afraid that I'm really, really bad at getting to Tapestry of Grace's wonderful hands-on projects, so I don't have much to show you. I guess I shouldn't forget our 9-month-long chicken mummy saga either. It's too long to bore you with all of it, but you might enjoy the grand finale.

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Apr. 3, 2008 - Untitled Comment

Posted by lahbluebonnet

Those projects are very well done! And of course the chicken mummy news story was great!

Apr. 3, 2008 - heather @ http://untraditionalhome.com

Posted by Anonymous

Great stuff!

Apr. 3, 2008 - Untitled Comment

Posted by hsmomof2

Look like some great projects. I have heard people's tales of the chicken mummy experience... :-)

Apr. 4, 2008 - Untitled Comment

Posted by kympossible

Those are GREAT hands-on projects!! They certainly look more involved than what I have done with my kids. Thanks for sharing!!


Apr. 4, 2008 - Untitled Comment

Posted by Anonymous

Chicken mummies, huh? I enjoyed the video...and these projects you shared are great!


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