March 22, 2007

The Chicken Mummy Saga Part 4

Our Continuing Chicken Mummy Experience...
March 22, 2007 (almost Week 27)

I am getting really excited about the chicken mummies again now that we are on our fifth salt change. The birds are getting quite dry and I think this might be the last time we have to change the salt. I also thought up a really great finale to the "Year of the Chicken Mummies." I won't unveil that yet, though - you'll have to wait for the exciting conclusion to our adventure!

We began to a chant of "We hate chicken mummies!" Then Kathryn proceeded to compose some chicken mummy theme music on the piano that sounded like it came out of an Abbott & Costello movie.

Allyson was the first victi--- I mean mummifier, followed by Kathryn, Nathan, then Jordan.

This week, we used:
* 1 inexpensive plastic drop cloth (should have thought of this before)
* 1 pair of disposable gloves per person
* 2 gallon Zip-Loc bags per chicken
* 1 container of salt per chicken

1.  We took the chicken out of the bag, wiped the salt out of the cavity and rubbed it off the outside of the chicken into a garbage can that was placed in the middle of a large, inexpensive plastic drop cloth.
2.  We put the chicken in a new bag, filled the cavity of chicken with salt, and poured the rest of the container of salt around the outside of the chicken.
3.  We zipped the bag closed, squeezing out as much air as possible, added another outer freezer bag to help keep the smell contained, and moved the salt around to evenly distribute it.
4.  We put the chickens back on top of our refrigerator.

The chickens are drying out nicely. This is our fifth and hopefully final salt change.

Stay tuned for Part 5 or The Finale...

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