February 7, 2007

Free Geography e-Book from KnowledgeQuest

Hmmm... my blog seems to be turning into a free resources blog! Here's the latest:

Terri Johnson from Knowledge Quest wrote an e-book called "Globalmania: Master World Geography in 7 Months." I downloaded it when she offered it in her e-newsletter and finally had time to look at it yesterday. Wow! I happen to love geography, and Tapestry of Grace integrates it into our history studies, but Globalmania will be a great supplement to TOG for me. My children do the map work, but I don't test them on it (yet). I am going to use the ideas in Globalmania as a fun way for my kids to really get their geography facts down.

Did I say geography and fun in the same sentence?? Yes! Terri Johnson has written out a systematic world geography course that is mostly based on free online games. You can use this e-book as a 7-month geography course, or you can use it to supplement what you are already doing. There are also 16 beautiful maps at the end of the e-book - one labeled and one unlabeled map for the world and 7 main geographic regions. Well, I guess you can describe them as "beautiful" if you are weird and like maps - otherwise you might say they are useful learning tools. How's that for non-map lovers?

Go here to read Terri Johnson's article entitled "Must I Teach Geography?" The download link for her free e-book is available there.



  1. Who is the salesman in this family?

    Something is wrong here. I am sitting at the kitchen table with my laptop and you and Nathan are racing each other on your laptop. Hmmm is this another blog topic?

    Did I mention I love you and you look incredibly beautiful this morning?

  2. I already use the Seterra Geography program for fun. Let me warn you, it is addicting :-)

    But these maps are awesome and so are the other resources. I absolutely love these maps.

    Thank you for posting this.


  3. Loved the Globalmania link, am downloading it now. Also, I have a Jordan too.