July 6, 2006

Top Ten Homeschool Resources on the Web

Trinity Prep School had the wonderful idea of listing your top 10 Internet homeschool resources.  Here is my list (not necessarily in order of favorite):

Tapestry of Grace
The site is very useful even if you aren't using the curriculum. Click on one of the year plans (the big pics of books) and choose a subject from the "Supporting Links" in the right sidebar for tons of great links!

The Basic Cozy Spelling Course

Living Math


KISS Grammar

Project Gutenberg

The Character Journal

Free Online Language Courses

Learning Through History Newsletter

Home Science Tools Newsletters Archive

Wow!  I could have added many, many more!  I tried to list links for a variety of subjects. 



  1. TRINITYPREPSCHOOLJuly 6, 2006 at 5:02 PM

    Wow, some great new resources I hadn't seen before. Thanks for adding to the project.


  2. I loved your top 10 list. There were a lot of great sites I didn't know about before. Thanks for sharing them. Michelle